Night Guards

Greenwood, SC Dentist

Some people have a condition known as bruxism, which is the unconscious grinding of teeth during sleep. A night guard can help prevent this grinding and prevent damage to your teeth.

Nightguards are removable appliances similar to athletic mouthguards. They provide a sturdy barrier between your top and bottom teeth to prevent them from grinding together while you sleep. A custom-fitted nightguard from Dr. Christopher T. Griffin will help ensure your comfort and safety. A proper fit prevents wear and tear on your teeth, irritation to your gums, damage to your enamel, and pain in your jaw.

During your appointment, Dr. Christopher T. Griffin will discuss other ways to help reduce night grinding. This may include avoiding:

● Chewing gum
● Alcohol
● Caffeine

All of these increase the risk of grinding. If you suspect you may have issues with teeth grinding, contact us today for an appointment.