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Probiotics are often associated with digestive health, but recent studies have highlighted their potential benefits for oral health as well. Greenwood Dentist, Christopher T. Griffin DMD, LLC, sheds light on how probiotics can improve oral health by combating infections that lead to oral diseases.

Reducing Gingivitis
A study published in Contemporary Clinical Dentistry revealed that probiotics can effectively reduce gum bleeding in patients with moderate to severe gingivitis. During the trial, children were administered either a placebo or two different combinations of probiotics. After three weeks, it was evident that children who received probiotics showed significant improvements in their gingival health.

Combating Periodontitis
Probiotics have also shown promise in fighting periodontitis, an oral disease caused by harmful bacteria that create pockets between teeth and gums, leading to infection. By combating these harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation, probiotics aid in healing the mouth from periodontitis.

Fighting Cavities
The same study from Contemporary Clinical Dentistry found that children who took probiotics experienced a notable decrease in plaque buildup. This reduction in plaque leads to fewer cavities. Probiotics work by fighting plaque and occupying the spaces on teeth where harmful bacteria thrive.

Minimizing Bad Breath
Probiotics can also help minimize bad breath by targeting volatile sulfur compound bacteria that release odor-causing gases. By introducing healthy bacteria, probiotics help eliminate the bad bacteria and maintain a healthy balance in the mouth, thus reducing bad breath.

The benefits of probiotics extend beyond digestive health, with ongoing research uncovering new ways they contribute to a healthy mouth and body. For more information on oral health or to schedule a visit, contact Christopher T. Griffin DMD, LLC today. Your oral health is our priority!

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